Marijuana dispensaries in Medford, Oregon

If you happen to be visiting Medford Oregon or you live there and you are 21 or over, then congratulations, you are in luck. Oregon has some of the most liberal marijuana laws and the most accessible marijuana dispensaries in the nation.

To visit a pot dispensary such as Medford Dispensary – Ocean Grown Cannabis, all you need is a state-approved ID proving you are 21 years or older.

Since it’s assumed that anyone reading this partakes of marijuana, or is sincerely thinking of doing so, why should you visit any of Medford pot dispensaries? Why not just buy your pot from a local drug dealer. After all, there are plenty of college students or local people willing to sell you a lid.

And although the statistics were from 2016, reports are that due to a large number of marijuana growers in the Medford area, Black Market Marijuana in Medford costs around $125 an ounce, while at a dispensary and ounce would cost around $200. So why visit a dispensary?

The first factor, and the most important, is selection. Medford dispensaries carry dozens of different strains of marijuana.

For example, according to, marijuana can be mildly euphoric, relaxing or soothing, make you feel relaxed and sleepy, can give you a burst of energy, can reduce pain and inflammation, can boost your appetite which is terrific for those who lose their appetite through health problems, can make you feel more productive.

Do you really know what the effects will be when you smoke marijuana from a street dealer? How many types of marijuana does the street dealer carry? Can the street dealer guarantee that the marijuana you buy from him is not laced with impurities or chemicals, since many locales still spray insecticide over pot plants to make them less valuable to sell?

Not always, but 99 percent of the time, you will be getting a quality product when you buy from dispensaries Medford Oregon.

In addition, a Medford marijuana dispensary is a world of marijuana information at your disposal.

If you’ve never smoked marijuana before, which actually describes the typical first-time dispensary visitor, they are there to answer the dozens of questions a new marijuana imbiber might ask.

Common newbie questions include:

  •  What are the different ways to use marijuana?
  •  How soon will after I take it will I get high?
  •  How much do I take to get high?
  •  Can I smoke marijuana and work?
  •  My company does occasional random drug tests. How long will it last in my system?
  •  How long after smoking marijuana must I wait to drive?
  •  Are there health risks to smoking marijuana? Where do I find the best information on this?
  •  Does smoking marijuana affect my athletic performance? Will my coach know?
  •  Will my parents, my friends or my spouse know I am using marijuana?
  •  How do I store it?
  •  HOw much should I buy at a time?
  •  What are some of the best strains to start out with?
  •  Will smoking marijuana negatively affect my sex life?
  •  Will I become addicted? How will smoking marijuana change my life?
  •  Do I tip a budtender at a dispensary
  •  What is the largest and the smallest amount I can buy from the dispensary?
  •  Can I quit smoking marijuana anytime I wish?

These are just a few of the questions that dispensary budtenders answer dozens of times per month.

Naturally, experienced marijuana smokers will have fewer beginner questions. Their questions may be more centered on the price and availability of different and popular strains.

They may have a favorite, but many marijuana smokers are a bit like wine connoisseurs, or more closely, surfer. They are always looking for the perfect marijuana wave.

Those are into experimentation may come into the dispensary frequently to see what’s new and also, what’s on special sale. And it’s very true, the marijuana dispensary business is extremely competitive. Thus offering something new is a great way to garner future visits.

Another reason that you may wish to visit a pot dispensary is that the entire process, being legal is incredibly relaxing. There’s no looking over your shoulder to see who’s watching.

In fact, a typical dispensary experience is a sort of like going to a spa. Easy and relaxing.

For one thing, you aren’t expected to buy when you walk in. Browers are expected and welcome. Whether your dispensary experience takes 5 minutes or a couple of hours, dispensaries know that the more you know about the products they carry, the better off you will be as a future customer.

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